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    shape and form is a small design group based in munich. shape and form specializes in customized and exclusive articles, inspired by nature, shaped with innovative 3d software and produced by latest 3d printing technology. articles are produced in limited editions not exceeding twelve pieces per design. all products can be specially tailored to individual needs and desire.

    shape and form ist ein kleines design büro in münchen, spezialisiert auf maßgeschneiderte, exklusive Produkte, inspiriert durch die natur, entworfen mit innovativer software und hergestellt in modernster 3d drucktechnik. die auflagen sind streng limitiert, von keinem produkt mehr als zwölf exemplare. alle artikel lassen sich auf bedürfnisse oder wünsche der kunden zuschneidern.


    "there is a difference between 'shape' and 'form'. we use the words loosely to mean the same thing, the image of what we see or look at; but even with the words 'see' and 'look' there differences. looking infers a desire to study and make critical comment; to see is to receive an image. the outward contours of something make up shape but beyond that received image an imperative of geometry and pattern, mixed in with instinct and inspiration, seems to hammer out 'form'. there is this intangible concept underlying form, more to do with creativity than visualisation. trapped within its own outward layer, shape has no depth, but form has shape and depth: and structure in its organisation and power of synthesis, allies itself with form.

    yet the search for a design begins with shapes as they are the descriptors. only later do the attributes of form arise and the judgments one makes as to whether the idea is robust and self consistent, or have opportunities been missed? unfashionable words like 'truth' and 'beauty' dare enter the discussion too at this stage, serving as rough litmus paper to colour and check one's 'gut instinct'. in the end, mysteriously, something does feel right, there is that 'other' that suddenly says, "go!" the devil is that at first so much else also feels right. no certainties arise; only a sense of danger unresolved that runs its nerve ends around the models. - cecil balmond